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I completed level one of my course in Mandarin from YRCA. This is probably the best place in Bangalore to learn Chinese. Here’s why. The teacher Mrs Shraddha is who one would call a Veteran of the Chinese language. Coupling this with her extraordinary competence as a teacher of the language as seen from her ability to effortlessly simplify dimensions of the language which a native English or Indian language speaker would find hard to digest sows in every student the desire and the will to continue and pursue the language in its absolute depth. Furthermore her textbooks contain all the basic information required to understand Mandarin along with all the subtle tone and grammar inflexions, which form the basis of getting through the language. Our teacher has also travelled through China and has lived through the experience of their culture for several years. And so in many ways, we were imparted the experience of an insider into the language. In fact if you’re lucky she may even let you have a sip of her extremely expensive Oolong Chinese tea. In conclusion, learning here is the opportunity of a lifetime. It will do your Mandarin much good should you learn from here.

Rachit Verma (June 2018), Student


I just completed my first level at YRCA, and my experience has been just wonderful. We practise speaking with dialogue, make notes from PPTs, watch conversational videos and go through the workbook. I learned so many interesting facts about China and their culture as well. I will definitely go back for Level 2!

Sasha Ranganath (June 2018)


This summer, I did my Level 1 Mandarin course at YRCA and my experience was brilliant. Shraddha is a wonderful teacher. Her teaching methodology kept everyone on their toes inside and outside the classroom. I specifically loved the way the course was structured. With a great mix of classroom lectures, videos, assignments, and conversations – Shraddha made learning Mandarin very enjoyable. The tea-breaks also ensured a lovely tea-tasting experience everyday. Highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to start with learning Mandarin. Keep up the kickass work, Shraddha!

Vaibhavi Gangwar (June 2018)


Enjoyed the Mandarin class! It was a combination of learning with moments of fun and laughter in between. Mrs. Shraddha taught in a precise manner and comfortably finished the Level 1 syllabus well in time. The classes are well priced in spite of the shortage of good Mandarin teaching centers in Bengaluru. The class material was really helpful. We were provided with workbooks and online learning material that made the practice part of the course doable and easily. Would recommend anyone willing to use 8 hours of their weekend for constructive purposes to learn Mandarin at the YRCA that is perfectly located in the heart of Indiranagar, walking distance from the metro. Loved spending a good part of the my past few weekends here!

Sanjith Rao (May 2018), Student


My children started learning Mandarin in this academy under the guidance of Shraddha M’am. Kids really started liking the language. I believe the teachers were amazing and the way of teaching was very methodical and yet fun. Would really recommend learning at YRCA for kids and elders alike. Learning a new language especially the one which is going to be the most important in the future is taught passionately here. Best place to learn Mandarin. Would love to send my kids for further levels.

Jesal Shah (May 2018), Parent, Mandarin For Juniors course.


Learning Chinese was very beneficial for my children. Shraddha mam’s teaching is very amazing and nice. I was impressed by it very much. I recommend that all parents should send their children to YRCA.

Aarti Shah (May 2018), Parent, Mandarin For Juniors course.


YRCA is one of the best place to learn Chinese. Shraddha’s teaching techniques are way too awesome which makes the learning interesting and easy. She is very much dedicated towards teaching the language. Her focus on every individual is what motivates us too. Proud to be a part of YRCA.

Tabassum Quasmi (March 2018)


I just finished the level 1 Chinese course at YRCA. Shraddha Ma’am (or as we call her Xià dá Lǎo shì which translates to Shraddha teacher in Chinese) really pours out her passion for the language in the classes. Her innovative way of teaching through Indian languages makes the jump to Mandarin quite easy and fun. I practiced what I learn at my Chinese colleagues, and they were quite impressed, I was able to hold the conversation for a few minutes. I will be joining again for Level 2. Xiè xiè (Thank You).

Prateek Parashar (March 2018)


YRCA – is undoubtedly the best institute for learning Chinese in Bangalore. Shraddha’s dedication and passion for teaching comes through in every session @YRCA and her unorthodox approach makes the transition to an unfamiliar language and phonetic system all the more easier !! Thoroughly recommend it to those interested in learning the language and experiencing a new culture!

Mandar Ranade (Jan. 2018)


If you’re looking to learn Chinese, this is the place to enroll at. I (seriously) don’t think there could be someone teaching Chinese better than Shraddha. Great place, Fantastic atmosphere, One ingenious teacher. Kudos to YRCA!

Sidharth Ravindran (Nov. 2017)


Mandarin is a very difficult language. But it can be made easy when you have a teacher like Shraddha. If you want to learn Mandarin, there can NOT be a better place than Yellow River Chinese Academy.

Dhwani Shah (Nov. 2017)


I finished my level 1 in the Nov-2017 batch. Shraddha is a fantastic teacher to say the least. Mandarin as one can imagine isn’t an easy language at all but Shraddha’s techniques of using Indian languages as pronunciation guides or sentence creation as formulae or frequent recitation has made this seemingly unachievable dream of learning Mandarin a not so difficult dream to realise! Looking forward to taking my Level 2 soon

Anindita Nayak (Nov. 2017)


A teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with love, and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow’s dreams”, is the old proverb I would like to quote for Shraddha ji. So if you have ever thought of learning Chinese, than just enroll yourself at YRCA and you will not regret your decision.

Shashi Shekhar Singh (Nov. 2017)


Best institute to learn mandarin in Bangalore. I higly recommend it to those who are keen on learning the language. Shraddha teacher is very passionate about her teaching. She makes the overall learning experience fun and interesting during the course. Cheers!

Mridula Rao(Sept. 2017)


I rarely write reviews but this time I felt I should. If you are serious about learning Chinese be it for professional reasons or just to grow your skills and you happen to be in/around Bangalore, you should stop googling further and register for YRCA. 3 weeks of intense but very effective learning experience it was for me. I tried learning this language on my own earlier but the amount of progress I made in Level 1 of YRCA was amazing. You’ll get all the course content, along with the support of a very friendly and good teacher, Shraddha Mam. Go for it. It’s worth every penny and more. I’ll be re-joining for my Level 2 in Dec this year. Looking forward to it.

Vikas Singh (Sept. 2017), Principal, Product Innovation – Standard Chartered Bank.


Step in for an extraordinary Chinese learning experience. Very special and way better than any generic Chinese online course. Shraddha offers the course in a way that is intuitively understandable by Indians.  the pronunciation, especially, is taught in a way that we can prefect the same and remember it easily. Shraddha has certainly made learning this tough language easier 🙂

Prasanna Venkatesh (Sept. 2017), Huawei


Well, the first thing to be clear about, is that learning mandarin is not a cakewalk. So try making the path easier. Shraddha in YRCA makes sure of that. I have recently attended the Level 1 sessions and have to say it was an amazing experience being guided by her. Just be there and Shraddha takes care of the rest. Had explored other options within Banglore but the first interaction with Shraddha brought an end to my search. A perfect homely environment and a very comfortable means to learn one of the most difficult languages in the world. Amazing work Shraddha and YRCA. Will surely take my Level 2 classes soon.

Vinit Kumar (Sept. 2017), Tata Consultancy Services.


Having attended Level 1 Mandarin courses taught by Shraddha, I can testify to an experience that is not only engaging, but one where the instructor is willing to go well above and beyond what is guaranteed.

These, when combined with Shraddha’s evident passion for the language, her natural ability to teach, and her infectious good humour, result in a fulfilling experience in learning what can easily be a daunting language.

Looking forward to more such experiences and interactions in the future! Xiè xie, Shraddha!

Madhusudan Sampath (July-Aug. 2017), Texas Instruments.


Shraddha explains concepts in a very simple format so that anyone can understand them and the material that she provides for self study is pretty good too.

Pranjal Joshi (Sept. 2017).


YRCA is an amazing institute and Shraddha really makes learning easy and fun.

Sonali Joshi (Sept. 2017).


I rate Shraddha as one of the best teachers who has ever taught me. She is so sincere and committed! I would like to continue to the next level for sure.

Meera Keshav (June-July 2017), Chief Financial Officer – Watch Data Technologies.


I had a great experience learning Mandarin at YRCA. Shraddha is an excellent teacher who knows what to teach and how to teach so that you meet your purpose of learning the language. The pace of the class was perfect and I was able to comprehend what was taught. I made the right choice by joining YRCA and will recommend it to others. Xiè xiè, Shraddha lao shī!

– Shashank Sharma (July 2017), Regional Sales Manager – Texas Instruments.


Shraddha is an amazing teacher. She does a great job of teaching Chinese step by step.. Xie Xie shraddha.. U have been an amazing Lao shi.. (teacher).

Priya Ignatius (July 2017)


Shraddha is a very passionate and dedicated teacher. She makes learning Chinese so easy by translating words and sentences into our Indian languages, thus helping you to pick it up quickly. Her classes are interactive and she ensures that every student is keeping pace. At the end of Level one, every student could communicate, understand and translate. Keep it up Shraddha! Look forward to Level 2!
– Cheryl Ghosh (July 2017)

Thank you Shraddha Ma’am for making Mandarin so easy and fun to learn. I was under the impression that learning Mandarin would be so very difficult & had signed up just out of curiosity. It gives me great pleasure that after your Level 1 course I can form small and basic sentences in Mandarin on my own. Thanks again!!

– Alok Dubey (April 2017), Advisory Consultant – IBM.


Learning at YRCA was a fantastic experience! Shraddha ma’am is insightful, eloquent and has a wonderful sense of humour. It makes learning Mandarin a breeze!

– Sushanth Kondi (April 2017), Manager (Technology) – Allegion India Pvt. Ltd.


I have tried to learn to learn this language by my own, and it by no means was easy. Shraddha is an excellent teacher. A language is not just words that you form, but to understand its culture and how it came into existence. Its also interesting to see how she connects the language with students through our own languages; this is something native language speakers will find hard to as they do not understand our language. Its definitely a lovely experience. Her teaching style is also impressive and keeps people engaged. Within a few classes I could see most of us could start forming sentences and our approach was mostly correct.
For anybody who wants to learn the language, do approach this academy.

Albert Sebastian (Feb 2017), Software professional.


If you want to learn Chinese then look no further. You cannot find a better teacher (or rather, mentor) than Shraddha mam. She loves the language so much and you can see that in her face while she is teaching (if you want to know beforehand look at her HSK marksheets!!)

I was told that Chinese is a difficult language to learn but all that was thrown out of window within few days. I have completed level 2 and will be taking up Level 3 soon.

She has a very unique way of teaching by relating the words/tones/meanings to our Indian languages and she ensures that  every individual in the class thoroughly understands every concept. She encourages the students to ask questions and doesn’t rush through the chapters. The workbook that is provided is very well-structured and also very helpful for HSK exams.

The class is ideally located in Indiranagar. The class room is beautifully decorated with Chinese posters, pictures of earlier batches, a small library. A very good environment to learn the language. The cookies and snacks offered during the break are worth mentioning.

The current batches are running with full capacity and there are a few people who have been asked to wait for the next batch proves that this is ‘THE PLACE’ to learn Chinese in Bangalore.

All the best mam and I pray for a lot more success in your efforts!!

Balaji Raghavan (Jan 2017), Compliance Manager – Asia Pacific & Japan, HP Inc.


Many language courses teach language like a subject taught in school; by the book and with rote memory. Languages can never be taught well like that, especially the notorious oriental ones. It is by no means then a small boast to say that Shraddha is the definitive language teacher who understands the intricacies and nuances of Chinese and applies effective learning techniques to make learning the language interesting and engaging. Add to that a lively persona, a good classroom, and green tea, and you’re got one of the best places to learn and enjoy learning Chinese. Take it from me, I’m an Instructional Designer. And I’m fussy.

Calvin Ma (Jan 2017),  Instructional Designer/Editor – Edusmart Learning Pvt. Ltd.


YRCA was the only class that stood out to me when I began my research.  And I’m so glad I decided to join YRCA. It has been a wonderful experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Shraddha Mam makes the learning experience a joyful one . Her patience is limitless. She goes above and beyond to make us understand the concept. I highly recommend YRCA for anyone who wants to learn Mandarin Chinese. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Likitha Gangadhar (Jan 2017), Student.


I was part of the Level 1 batch Dec 2016 and my experience was nothing short of phenomenal. Shraddha madam is a great teacher and I am glad that I chose YRCA. The way she has customized the course to address the difficulties of Indian students trying to learn Mandarin speaks volumes about her teaching abilities. Starting off by explaining Pinyin syllables pronunciation via Indic pronunciations, hammering the Chinese tones into muscle memory through interesting contexts and examples. And here comes the best part, Shraddha madam accommodated my travel schedule by doing not one but two one on one classes just for me because I couldn’t the attend the regular ones with my batch. She was worried that I might forget important constructs if I defer my learning to the next batch. In these days and time, I fail to remember the last occasion a teacher went to such great lengths to make sure the student gets it. If any of you are planning to learn Mandarin in Bangalore, do yourself a favour and head straight to YRCA, you don’t need to look any place else.

Extremely thankful and look forward to continuing my association with YRCA for the next levels.

Anurag Verma (Dec 2016), Senior Product Manager – InMobi.


I’ve always been fascinated by people who can breakdown intimidating things and help you make baby steps in understanding those. That’s exactly what Shraddha Ma’am does with the Chinese language. She makes learning Chinese seem like a no-brainer in that she starts off with Pinyin on day one and in a week’s time, you can confidently construct simple sentences in Chinese, ask for phone numbers and understand numbers said using Chinese. In my opinion, this is possible due to the fact that in introducing the fundamental Chinese sounds, Shraddha Ma’am uses our very own Indic sounds to explain them effectively. This makes the classes interactive and the pedagogy effective. In addition to the regular classroom sessions, Shraddha Ma’am runs the extra mile every time to send us Chinese tidbits through WhatsApp, email, etc. She’s also most approachable for clarifications post classes. PS: This is firsthand experience. I took up classes in the month of November, 2016.

– Sooraj Subramanian (Nov. 2016), Chief Technology Officer – Twinspert.


I came upon Yellow River by chance and oh, how thankful I am to have found it! They say, a great teacher inspires her students and Shraddha is phenomenal!
She makes the entire class interactive and despite the complexity of the language has found a technique that makes it easy for Indian students to grasp the tones. She is also constantly updating her own knowledge and keeping us on our toes. This, I consider to be the most important and irreplaceable part of her teaching.
I would strongly recommend her classes to anyone who loves Mandarin and would like to learn it the right way!

Rashmi D’ Souza (Nov. 2016) Manager, Risk Strategic Analytics – JP Morgan Chase. 


I have always wanted to learn Mandarin but never was able to find the perfect place. But as the Chan (Zen) saying goes, When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Shraddha is well versed in the language and the best part is her ability to to use Indian languages to make the tones and words clearer. Let’s be honest, it won’t be very easy learning from a native speaker as they would not know how to explain it to us. The environment is good and Shraddha adapts to the pace of the students. Great experience overall.

– Akash Nair (Nov. 2016), IT professional and Gong Fu trainer.


Shraddha is an amazing teacher. Mandarin is a difficult language, but her interactive and practical approach in teaching the language made it so much easier to learn and understand the language. I very much look forward to attending her future classes not only to further my knowledge of Mandarin but also to continue learning from the best Mandarin teacher I have ever met!

– Sudhamsh Maddala (Nov. 2016), Engineer -Impelsys.


YRCA is an extremely professionally run academy. Shraddha is very passionate about the Mandarin language and equally importantly a great proponent of learning. She does a great job at teaching the language making the sessions interactive and fun. The course material is painstakingly made and is absolutely fantastic compared to some others I have seen in Bangalore. I have completed the beginners Level 1 and Level 2 courses at YRCA and I would definitely recommend YRCA to anyone wanting to learn Mandarin. I see YRCA well on the way to becoming the Goto institute for Mandarin language both for organisations as well as individuals.

– Vipul Batta (Oct. 2016), OEM Enabling Manager – Intel Corporation.


I have looked all over Bangalore for a Chinese teaching institute and I am so glad I finally chose to learn from YRCA. I am amazed to find a teacher like Shraddha mam, for her Chinese proficiency as well as her dedication.

If you are looking to learn Chinese, building a proper fundamental is very important, and I think this is the best institute for you to get a proper Chinese pronunciation, writing and reading.

Tenzin Dolker (Oct. 2016).


I had been looking for Chinese classes in Bangalore for a couple of months and just as I was about to finalize on one place I got a mail from Shraddha. I am so glad I started learning Chinese at YRCA. Shraddha is so dedicated and enthusiastic about teaching Chinese. Even after the course is over she is available in case we need any help and is always pushing and motivating us to continue learning and doing better. Thank you Shraddha for all you support.

Suhasini Murthy (Oct. 2016).


I found Shraddha to be a very patient, diligent, interested and accommodating teacher.  She provided detailed notes, video links, messaging to keep me engaged. The atmosphere was friendly and conducive to learning. Yet was focused and demanding. I would certainly recommend Shraddha to anyone wishing to learn Mandarin.

 – Sanjay Anandram (July 2016), Startup Mentor. 


Tongue twisters, techniques for memorizing syllables and other nitty-gritties of the language were well taught to us. It was a memorable and fun filled learning experience without compromising on the main objective. Thanks and kudos to Shraddha madam.

– Ananda (June 2016),  Senior Manager – Sportswear MNC. 


I think Shraddha m’am is an excellent teacher. Her classes helped me to learn one of the toughest languages to learn, namely Mandarin. What I loved about her teaching was that she taught us at a pace which allowed us to grasp what was taught in the best possible manner. The way she connected Mandarin with our Indian languages was also very helpful in my opinion.

– Mahesh Reddy (May 2016), Student.


It was a great experience to learn from Shraddha Ma’am. 🙂 Teaching a language is a lot tougher than learning one. It requires the teacher to be able to impart the same amount of knowledge and passion for the language that he/she has to the students. In my opinion, Shraddha ma’am was able to do just that and help us learn mandarin easily through interactive and interesting sessions! 🙂

– Hirankshi Chandran (May 2016), Student.


Throughout the class, Shraddha ma’am was incredibly helpful and supportive. She ensured that all of us remembered the words, their pronunciations and meanings by using innovative teaching methods like poems, and assignments. She encouraged us to leave our comfort zones and reach beyond. I believe that Shraddha ma’am didn’t only teach me to love Chinese, she taught me to love my life.
– Vedha Nayak (May 2016) Student.


What I thought was going to be just another language to learn, turned out to be a language with complex pronunciations, sounds and even more complex tones !!! But full marks to Shraddha for making it easy and FUN ! For a person who has “zero” sense of music or tones (ME) , she managed to get the tones etched in my head with her innovative ways of explaining and reiterating them . She also drew a correlation between the relative complex phonetics of Mandarin and that of Indian languages beautifully, making the sounds easy to grasp and remember. That’s why to those of you who may wonder how an Indian would be able to teach another Indian .. Chinese .. the only thing I will say is “Try her!” Thanks to the strong foundation that I have due to learning the basics from Shraddha, I can now pick up new words and phrases that I come across easily and even manage to have conversations with my Chinese colleagues.

– Kavita Mehra Director (Aug 2014) APJ Customer Care, Dell