Yellow River Chinese Academy | Interactive Mandarin Chinese language classes/HSK-qualified ,experienced Chinese teaching faculty.
YRCA offers a variety of Mandarin Chinese language courses ranging from basic courses teaching conversation, to more advanced courses that will teach you to read and write Chinese characters. Group classes as well as one-on-one classes (customized where necessary) are available both for individuals and corporates. Teaching sessions will be interactive with special attention to Indian learners’ needs and expectations.
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About Us
Yellow River Chinese Academy

YRCA’s mission is to make learning Mandarin easy and affordable for all.

We offer a variety of courses ranging from basic courses teaching conversation, to more advanced courses that will teach you to read and write Chinese characters. Teaching sessions are interactive, with special attention to Indian learners’ needs and expectations.

Group and one-on-one classes are available, both in-person and online, and on-site training for corporates is also available.

Since its founding in August 2016, YRCA has successfully trained over 500 students, across the different levels of proficiency. It has also conducted on-site training at Texas Instruments, Xiaomi Technology, Watchdata Ltd., and Takshashila Institute.

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About the founder and chief faculty

Shraddha Prabhu Kumar

Shraddha has extensively learnt both spoken and written Mandarin, and has successfully qualified in the reputed international Chinese Proficiency Tests – HSK Level 3 and HSK Level 4 – conducted by the Confucius Institute (Hanban) in China. She received rigorous training from native Chinese teachers at the Chinese Language Centre, set up by Hanban, at the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT).

In 2019, she also attended an intensive short-term HSK 5 level residential course at the BLCU (Beijing Language and Culture University), China.

Shraddha holds a Masters degree in Mathematics from IIT-Bombay.

Teacher’s Speak
(Original text of a testimonial from Ms. Han Yu Wei, ex-faculty at the Chinese Language Centre, VIT. This was written during the period of Shraddha’s training there.)
Shraddha is a very good student of mine. Her love for the Chinese language and CLC’s good reputation has brought her to us to learn Chinese. Every weekend she travels 6 hours by train from Bangalore to Vellore and back to attend the HSK Level 4 classes at our centre. Later, during the week, she continues to study by herself at Bangalore.

She is intelligent and conscientious in her efforts and hence has progressed at an extraordinarily quick pace. When I see the detailed notes that she makes I realise how meticulous she is in her study of Chinese. No wonder that she scores almost full marks in all the practice test papers.

A good student is also a good teacher. Shraddha has taught me that personal excellence goes hand-in-hand with hard work and also that a woman who never gives up on her efforts is indeed most beautiful!

Faculty (Mandarin for Juniors)

Suhasini Murthy

One of YRCA’s earliest students, Suhasini Murthy’s journey into the Mandarin language commenced around October 2016 . After completing Level 1, she appeared for the HSK 1 exam and scored a perfect score of 200/200. She

continued learning higher levels, and went on to qualify, very creditably, in the HSK 2 and HSK 3 exams as well.

Suhasini is keenly interested in pursuing more advanced levels of Mandarin, as well as in teaching it to other interested learners. She believes that patience, perseverance and practice are the key factors in successfully mastering


A masters degree holder in Psychology, Suhasini earlier worked as a Counselor in Mumbai.